DomDeco x DD Studios

Originating in Calgary with Chris and Joie at the helm, DD Studios collaborated with Edmonton's DomDeco led by Jay. Today, these two forces have formally united, erasing any previous distinctions. Previously managed as separate entities, we now proudly announce our official merger. A heartfelt expression of gratitude goes out to all who have been part of our journey in recent years, while a warm welcome is extended to those who are just discovering us.

New Arrivals

8213 56 ST. EDMONTON, AB


Long Weekend Hours

Friday:12-5 PM

Saturday:11-3 PM

Sunday-Monday: CLOSED


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What is Mid-Century Modern?

Mid-Century modern was a revolutionary design movement that is debated to have occurred in the early 1930s-1970s, after World War II. Mid-Century modern transformed architecture, including furniture, graphical and interior design. These technological advances led to the production and development of a range of new materials. This made it possible to create new textures and effects, alongside a wide range of colours and forms, whilst maintaining the vintage style. The use of veneer, bentwood, fiberglass, tubular steel, lucite, plexiglass, etc. contribute to the exploration of traditional and non-traditional materials, allowing both to be present at the same time.

Mid-Century modern is popular for a number of reasons. For one, it is a minimalistic design, using a combination of clean lines and geometric forms. It allows the bare function of the element to be of importance, rather than all the small details. Another reason is its functionality. Functionality is important to the mid-century modern design because it provides its function (i.e., comfort in a chair) as well as adding to the beauty of your home. The comprehensive range of colours used in Mid-Century modern design is also an attention-grabber. From the stark contrast of black and white, to the bold colours of yellow and orange, Mid-Century furniture includes it all.


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